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PR for the packaging industry

Packaging enables the movement of goods and supplying the consumers. The packaging industry is characterized by highly engineered processes and a particular innovative strength. Many hidden champions are represented in the packaging industry, which is dominated by medium-sized companies.

Your company is producing packaging machines, packaging technology or packaging materials for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and non-food sectors? Would you like to promote your packaging solutions on national and international markets?

We offer professional communication services to support your sales and cultivate your brand image. We have been working with renowned players in the packaging industry for decades. These companies create solutions for product packaging, packaging aids and packaging materials, as well as for packaging production, packaging technology, logistics and packaging equipment or packaging printing.

Full service for the packaging industry

Our services include the development and implementation of a customized communication strategy for your target markets. We take care of creating your PR materials such as press releases, technical articles, user reports, case studies and interviews. We support your trade fair appearances and events. We network you with the multipliers in the packaging industry.