Effective communication for technology companies

As a B2B PR agency, we support hidden champions with their communications

Successful B2B technology PR promotes visibility and growth

In today’s dynamic marketplace, effective communication is a decisive factor for your success, for establishing yourself as a thought leader as well as forging strategic partnerships. We support our customers with extensive know-how and strong commitment to stay at the forefront of their respective industries in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Why B2B PR is critical for technology companies

In the highly competitive B2B environment, it is of great importance for technology companies to stay ahead of the times and the competition. Building on your innovative solutions, our effective communication and strategic positioning leave a lasting impression on stakeholders and decision-makers.

Communication that presents your brand and message in the best possible way

The right presentation of your messages strengthens users’ awareness and trust in your company. We are specialists in communicating complex B2B technology topics and develop informative press releases, descriptive user reports and sophisticated technical articles for exactly your target group.

Strategic positioning

We work closely with you to define the USP of your products, identify target markets and develop strategic messages that set you apart from the competition. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your branding is in line with your business objectives and helps you position yourself as an industry leader.

Contacts with media and influencers

Relationships with media and technology influencers play a critical role in shaping opinion within your target industries. We maintain regular and worldwide contacts with recognized trade media, general media and freelance journalists. Through our network, we initiate interviews as well as the placement of user reports and technical articles to further increase awareness for your brand.

Content strategy for your pioneering role

Thought leadership is decisive in a technology landscape dominated by innovation. We cooperate with you in order to develop comprehensive thought leadership programs. This includes topic identification and content creation as well as positioning selected experts from your company, and managing your executives’ social media profiles. We use various channels such as trade media, consumer media, podcasts, social media platforms and events to present your forward-looking perspectives and technology solutions.

Industry events and award ceremonies

Industry events such as conferences and trade shows provide ideal opportunities for networking, building partnerships and gaining customer contacts. We work closely with you to identify relevant events and achieve maximum visibility for your brand. We support you with speech writing, arranging speaker slots or press interviews at your booth, and applying for prestigious industry awards.

Measurable results and ROI

Data-driven insights and measurable results are decisive for the evaluation of your technology PR. We focus on your relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and provide valuable analyses as well as meaningful reports. Based on this, you are able to make informed communication decisions, refine your strategy, and turn your investment into tangible results.

Partnership for successful B2B technology PR

At all times, we help you achieve your business goals, to boost your growth and to gain visibility as an industry leader.