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Setting impulses – on the pharmaceutical market and in the media

The pharmaceutical markets all over the world are in flux, and new strategies in drug production are becoming necessary. A cooperative development between the Aenova group and the Romaco Group has impressively demonstrated how the manufacture of blister packs can be further optimised. We were commissioned by our client Romaco to flank the cooperation of the two industry leaders with a specialist article.

The Aenova Group and the Romaco Group developed the innovative blister system Romaco Noack 960 with which packaging processes can be designed even more efficiently in future. AzetPR prepared a specialist article for the international media.

In its press relations AzetPR focused on two key areas: on the one hand placing of the case study, and on the other brand awareness of the Romaco Noack brand. In close coordination with the client the target media were defined and project management was undertaken.

AzetPR placed the case study in over 20 specialist media and achieved both objectives: the cooperative development was optimally followed in the media, and the awareness level of the Romaco Noack brand was further developed. Articles appeared in Europe, Russia, India, the USA, Canada and South America, among other places.

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