The energy market – a market in motion

The liberalization of the energy market opened the door to competition. The industry is subject to permanent change, there are great opportunities for all involved – and there is a lot of need for explanation. In this situation, professional public relations are indispensable.

We were commissioned by our client EHA Energie-Handels-Gesellschaft to produce a technical article about a modern heat pump system at the Hamburg headquarters of Vattenfall Europe. EHA has developed a concept to use the waste heat from the EDP server rooms to heat the high-rise building with almost 50,000 sqm of space. The customized energy solution reduces costs and protects the climate. We wanted to express this competence and have described the innovative application in a technical article.

It all started with journalistic research and we collected a wide range of information about the energy concept. For this purpose, interviews were conducted with the responsible project managers from EHA and Vattenfall. We also procured significant and high-resolution image material.

The next step was to use the carefully collected information to create a well-founded case study. We wrote an article in an entertaining reportage style that was technically adept and yet easy to understand. The matching photos served to illustrate the energy concept.

The ‘green light’ for publication was quickly achieved and we placed the technical article several times in the trade media of EHA’s target groups as well as in the trade press of the energy industry. The result was extensive coverage in print and online.

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