Anwenderbericht Ishida

Ritter Sport, Nagel-Group and Ishida – high tech for chocolate cubes

AzetPR carried out a user report for its client Ishida. The topic was the right mixture and exactly weighted filling of chocolate cubes of the Ritter Sport brand by the food logistics expert Nagel-Group. This is done by Ishida machines. The application is demanding, since the products must be poured at high performance but gently into boxes with a fixed nominal weight in prescribed type proportions. We were at the site for an investigation and gave a comprehensive report on the machine solution.

Our team of a copy editor and photographer visited the manufacturing centre of Nagel-Group in Reichenbach. While there we conducted interviews about the Ishida machines with the people in charge and took hundreds of professional photos. Thanks to good preparation and concentrated work the job was finished in a few hours.
We then prepared an extensive and opulently illustrated report about the application. The report describes the Ishida machines credibly and in language suited to the target group from the viewpoint of Nagel-Group. Naturally we coordinated the finished user report with all those involved.
Finally we used the user report for public relations. Ishida were pleased about publications of several pages in various specialist periodicals of the target groups. Our article was translated into several languages and also placed internationally. Moreover, Ishida circulated the user report via the customer newsletter.
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